Tanya Dennis

Tanya Dennis

Author | Editor : Living, reading, and learning in the dailies


I want to hear it. I want to help you live it. I want to help you share it.


As a writer, I help people wrestle with God and their living faith.
I teach them how to question the Bible (in a good way!) by courageously activating our natural, God-given curiosity. The result: a renewed wonder and delight in knowing God and diving deep into His Big Word.

As an editor, I help people tell their stories.
This may be fiction or nonfiction, memoir or instructional. This may be helping you find and define your story so you can share it in person. It may be helping you polish your story for publication.

Are you a writer?
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I am so glad you’ve come! Whether you’re looking for my services or not, I have something crazy-important to share with you.

GOD IS BIG. He is personal, tangible and His love for you cannot be measured. It cannot be thwarted. He is bigger than you or I could ever imagine and His grace — WOW. I admit I’m still grappling with it, but I can tell you this: it is awesome.

Now, grab a cup of coffee — or tea, if you prefer! — and let’s visit.

You’ll find no facades, no legalism, and no self-proclaimed experts here. Just lots of grace and encouragement, an occasional bit of spice, and a true desire to know God and make Him known in the dailies.

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