Tanya Dennis

Tanya Dennis

Author | Editor : Living, reading, and learning in the dailies

About Tanya

Tanya Dennis is many things, most of which won’t fit in a pretty little website box.

Many days you’ll find her wearing Minnie ears and planning amazing vacations for busy people who want to intentionally invest in their favorite relationships. Other days she’s busy as a writer, editor, speaker, and Bible teacher.

Tanya is passionate about genuine faith wherever you are. You’ll find no facades, no legalism, no self-proclaimed expert. Just lots of grace, a bit of spice, and a true desire to know God and make Him known in the dailies.

Those “dailies” are sometimes disciplined routines, but more often they’re mundane details we too quickly dismiss. Tanya is convinced that, when we stop and listen, we may find those frequently overlooked moments offer divine lessons and opportunities.

She lives not far from New York City with her favorite people: a husband far too good for her, two kids that refuse to stop growing, and a giant dog named Vader.

Visit the Bookstore to explore titles she’s authored as well as some she’s helped create.

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